National Parks & Game Reserve

National Parks of Tanzania & Game Reserves

Tanzania is one of Africa’s largest countries with a vast network of National Parks and Game Reserves – Approximately 20% of the country has been protected. Tanzania is one of  the greatest home for wild animals safari areas in the world. Some people who carry on a safari holiday in Tanzania be there for about a week and also take on about 3 or 4 tourism attraction spots.

Most Travelers visiting Tanzania always have FAQ about which national park to visit first or last destination during their Tanzania Safari holiday? When planning a tanzania safari that includes wildlife safari, its better to select the northern loop that always starts from Arusha Tanzania and Ends in the same destination after the 7 Days Tanzania Wildlife Safari .

With factor on vacation time involving parks and also seeing a wide range of different places, I have come up with this article conveying some of the best National Areas and Supplies in the gorgeous country.

Tanzania is the king country to live this experience given the high number of national parks, including the famous Serengeti , Ngongoro crater, lake manyara, Tarangire &other wildlife game reserves in Tanzania .